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Building A Championship Basketball Program

By Dr. Aaron Geter Jr.
Head Boys Basketball Coach at Wilkinson County High School

Building A Championship Program


  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Philosophy
  4. Support and Resources
  5. Program (Not Team!)
  6. Public Relations (Positive!)
  7. Personnel
  8. Systematic Evaluations


Support and Resources


  1. Spouse and Family
  2. Parents
  3. School Administration
  4. Teachers and Staff
  5. Booster Club
  6. All Other Stakeholders


Program (Not Team)


  1. Coaching Staff (Job Assignments)
  2. Feeder Program
  3. Sell Program
  4. Resources / Money
  5. Camps, Summer League, AAU / YBOA
  6. Scheduling (Control)
  7. Weight Training / Pre, In, and Post


Public Relations (Positive)


  1. Always Positive
  2. Positive Image
  3. Open Lines With Media
  4. Sell Program (Vision, Mission, Etc.)
  5. Traditional Name




  1. Either You Have It Or Not
  2. Evaluation
  3. Development (Pre, In, and Post)
    • Team and Individual


  1. Team Chemistry / Unity
  2. College (Athletically or Academically)


System Evaluation


  1. Program
  2. Players
  3. Coaches
  4. Region Teams / Area Teams



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